About Us

Established in 2019, A.I.T is proud to introduce a real team of highly skilled, professional drivers, who are knowledgeable about the historical and archaeological sites in Greece and can guide you everywhere on Greece’s mainland.

Welcome to Athens In A Tour

Drivers that love our city and country with passion that will make your visit absolutely unforgettable. 

A.I.T. offers services of the highest operational standard based on three main parameters: safety, reliability, confidentiality.

We visit Greece as travelers and we get as excited as you do, and we love traveling and photography. We have gone to great lengths to capture the best pictures in order to construct a unique visual experience on our web site, because we believe that pictures speak louder than words. That’s why all of our pictures are genuine and not from an e-store.

Our purpose is to enjoy to the bone our city and our country.Our website was created by a professional team in order to be legible and easy to navigate. All the tours we include where carefully chosen as tours that give rounded view possible of not just Athens, but the rest of Greece too. Tours that are 100% customizable to fit ones needs and specifications.

We are here for you always on time making sure you have great time that’s why our enthusiasm and smile will break the ice the moment you meet us. It is our duty as Greeks to make sure everything goes as planned and if not so we give our best to fix it. It is not unusual people being late cause of delays at the airport or at the port. We will make sure that someone is gonna be there waiting for you.

Our moto is “Everyday is like an excursion with friends not a job”

We are “new” but with lots of experience. Choose us and we will not let you down.

The A.I.T team.

Let us guide you to
the beauty of our country

Transfer Services

Waiting in the lines on your first day is something you should avoid.

We are here for you, picking you up from hotels, apartments, villas, airport, Piraeus port or cruise ship terminals, always on time and to ensure your transportation or to catch another flight or ferry if needed.